“I have the coolest job on earth! I bring stories of other cultures, other times and other worlds, using a collection of rare musical instruments and sacred relics from six continents, and everyone gets to play.”



Daniel Scruggs is a world citizen, professional musician and experienced educator who is on a mission to educate, inspire and unite.  He has traveled extensively throughout our world as a student and educator of human cultures and Global music making traditions.  These journeys have provided him opportunities for learning immersion in twenty three countries throughout five continents. Throughout his travels, Daniel has collected hundreds of rare musical instruments, sacred cultural relics and unique geological wonders from six continents.  This collection forms the basis of his interactive educational programs 


Daniel spent eight years with the prestigious Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps, earning a foundation in rudimental drumming, marching and performance.  Upon graduation from the corps he continued formal music studies at the College of Charleston  where he earned a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.   During his time in the city he developed skills at producing numerous music, arts and cultural events that connect people of diverse backgrounds. The skills he developed allowed him to co-produce large scale music festivals  and build music resource centers in both the United States and Africa.  


His struggles navigating school with diagnosed learning disabilities fostered a lifelong interest  in the unique learning styles of each person, and guided his insatiable curiosity,  as well as his compassion for the marginalized of society, resulting in an emphasis on hands on, interactive learning experiences and captivating story telling.  He has shared his one-of-a-kind cultural education programs in preschools, grade schools, colleges, retirement communities, with incarcerated adults and children, refugees from war torn countries, on two Native American  reservations and with hundreds of educators and thousands of children throughout seven countries.  His qualifications include certifications in yoga (RYT 200), mindfulness (vipassana meditation), pranayama (breathwork) and therapeutic music making facilitation (Remo HealthRhythms) and professional drum circle facilitation (Village Music Circles). Daniel’s interest in peace studies, culture and specialized learning methods led him to the Montessori method of education, where he was embraced by dozens of Montessori learning communities.  He has been a presenter at the annual Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI) conference for four years,  and has created and led workshops for teachers and students in the United States, Canada, Egypt, Ghana, Cuba, and Ethiopia.  He regularly travels throughout the United States and abroad for workshops, classes, residencies and performance.  


In 2018, Daniel curated “Capoeira- the Music, Movements and Ritual of the Spirit Circle” at Columbia University with the Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life.  The event brought together capoeira masters, scholars and historians from the United States and Brazil for demonstration,  discussion and inquiry about the extraordinary artform.    


Daniel’s mission is to bring interactive educational programs aimed at fostering a lifelong love of peace, learning and curiosity.


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