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Drum as One: 

75 Minutes (or flexible based on your needs)

An interactive journey in rhythm that celebrates the richness and uniqueness of different cultures throughout our world.  Participants are provided professional quality “djembe” drums and introduced to different traditional rhythms from various ancient and contemporary traditions of the world.  This fully facilitated drumming experience includes components of team building, mindfulness, group empowerment and self expression. The Drum As One activity is inclusive for all populations and appropriate for individuals with no prior musical experience.  


Concepts: Rhythms of the world, patterns, reciprocity, dynamics, movement, listening, building


Relative Subjects:  Geography, History, Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, Religious Studies, African Studies, African Diaspora, Multi-Cultural Studies, Education, Diversity, Holistic Health, Indigenous Culture, Mental Health














The Richness of Culture:

Rare Instruments of the World and Their Stories - 60 Minutes

Music and instruments are an integral part of every culture throughout the world.  The Wealth of Culture experience offers an opportunity for attendees to hear the sound, history and unique story of a collection of traditional, indigenous, and rare contemporary instruments from six continents.  This interactive experience celebrates the genius of traditional peoples, exhibits the richness of diversity and multi-cultural collaboration, and challenges individuals to create and embrace opportunities to build their future with integrity and purpose.  


Relative Subjects:  Music, Art, Geography, History, Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, Religious Studies, African Studies, African Diaspora, Multi-Cultural Studies, Education, Peace Studies, Indigenous Culture, Mental Health


Concepts: creativity, functional value of ritual, cultural resilience, evolution of ideas, types of migration, significance of seasons, linguistics, reciprocity, value, wealth in diversity, fulfillment  




















See and Know:

The Value of Foreign Travel - 90 Minutes (flexible based on need)

The transition from college to the world beyond can be challenging for many upon graduation.  See And Know uses story, cultural arts and interactive multi-cultural musical performance to create a fun, educational, insightful and empowering experience.  Each component of See And Know offers students the ability for introspection. Attendees learn practical ways of clarifying their personal goals and purpose, reflect on fulfilling ways to serve and empower others, honor how their unique life experience and education melds to create and sustain the life they love.



Logistics of travel, insight, personal ritual, signs, expansion and contraction, tutelage, tradition, exploration, diligence, catalysts, preparation, service, diversity, authenticity, empowerment

Relative Subjects:  Music, Art, Geography, History, Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, Religious Studies, African Studies, African Diaspora, Multi-Cultural Studies, Education, Indigenous Culture, Holistic Well-Being, Peace Studies






















Travel Wise:

An educational immersion that empowers young adults by teaching safe & responsible travel preparation for their future journeys around the United States and the world.


This age-appropriate course places emphasis on relevant travel details and necessities for sports and recreation, service work and adventure travel. Students go forward from Travel Wise courses with relevant and effective tools to plan, implement and make the most out of the adventure of travel. In addition, students make deep associations between core subjects from traditional school subjects and “real life experience”, preparing them to make the most out of the adventures they choose.

Classes are offered weekly or combined as workshops  

Materials - Journal, pen/pencil, colored pencils, worksheets 

Instructor Daniel Scruggs has made countless journeys throughout the United States and has traveled abroad over 35 times.  He has spent substantial time in North and South America, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Asia and Africa.  

Outline, General Overview and Examples of Weekly Class Content 


1. Travelers Health 

From the macro/micro to the mental/physical/spiritual to the psycho-social.  A bunch of big words, what they mean and why its important to the fun and safety of your travels.  

Physical - long and short duration strength - for both activity and increased resistance to illness 

Mental - emotional accessibility 


2.  Politics and Logistics of International and long range, intercultural US travel 

Everything you need to leave the country and get back in.  

-How to figure out all of the things you really need (and what you maybe don’t…..this time)  

-How much money do you need for….. Factors to consider.  Exchange rate relativity… 


3.  Cultural Sensitivity - History, Anthropology, Geography, Migration, Humanity
-What is Sociology?  

-What is Anthropology ? 

-What is Archeology ?  

-What is a pattern of human migration?  

-How long have humans been on the earth ?  

-Did they live at the same time as dinosaurs ?  

-How could we possibly figure that out?  

-What is dignity?  

-What does it mean if something is “taboo”?  Why is this extremely important to traveling? 


4.  Ownership of Your Dream and Visions - Looking at ways to tie in your interests, curiosities and goals.   -  How to use your trip to go deeper into whatever it is that YOU want to do with your life (It’s OK not to be sure of this or fully clear!  Traveling’s a great way to responsibly prepare, experience and see what direction and insights the journey leads you to).  

-Where would you go if…                                                                                                               

-What would you -What would you do if…. 

-Who’s to say that….

-How could you possibly….


5.  Survival Math - A variety of cool math applications that are crucial to have when traveling the road of life (especially for fun and adventure purposes).  

-How many hours from airport in Charleston to being in the water with surfboard on the Island of -Lombok (Surf rich island neighboring Bali and Sumbawa, taking into account all factors and travel logistics; air, land and sea)

-How to estimate in two minutes, the cost per person of all expenses for a budget trip to visit and surf in Hawaii.  

-What are different variables that can be tweaked in your travel budgeting to make it cheaper?  


6.  Science - A topical look at climate variances, geological observations, weather and swell…   

-Natural Disaster (what does it mean when an area is prone to these and what are some ways to tell by researching ?    

-Time zones and jet lag 

-Biology and the variance of creatures in different areas and their adaptive traits


7.  The Legacy of You and Your Travels - What is my relevance, responsibility and potential Influence as a visitor / foreigner / traveler / tourist / seeker?  

-What is does it mean to come across as naive? 

-What does it mean if someone says “they’ll take your kindness for weakness”, in a place that places great value on a person not showing weakness?  


8.  Packing - what to bring, survival, comfort, style and cautions….



First aid


Research for logistics….


9.  Travel Companions, Guides and Extraordinary Interactions 

-Surfing / Hiking / Climbing / Fishing as examples for necessary logistical checks and balances. 

What level are you?  How do you know how you will do in a totally different atmosphere ?  

What does it mean to be humble?  

Can you be humble and confident at the same time?  How?  

“Those who say don’t know, those who know, don’t say.”  What does this mean? 


10.  Safety - Basic foreign holistic safety concepts + minimizing unnecessary risk during adventure activities. 

-Why do you think it is a considered a safety precaution to stay away from large groups of other foreigners (obvious tourist) in certain countries or cities during certain events?  

-What does the phrase mean “the importance of clear communication when necessary”.  What’s an example of a time when clear communication would be absolutely necessary and why?  

-What could possibly happen and what’s the best we can do with what we’ve got scenario examples and 


11.  Likely and Unlikely Scenarios - How to collect and use the references and resources that you have when you need them. 

-The who, what, when, where, why, how

-The time before cell phones and social media and what we can learn with regards to traveling.  

-Different worlds, same planet  


12.  Departure - Macro-micro analysis and big picture synopsis of objectives. 

-Essential mindfulness, awareness and calming techniques. 

-Journal, Aromatherapy 

-Ways of sharing the experience 



Optional 7 day Colorado/Utah Educational Adventure Immersion

Each day will have 2-3 hours of hands on lessons, other time will be structured group activities, free time and various place-unique excursions.  

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