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Rhythm Moves 

In School Field Trips and Edu-Concerts

A journey around the world with rare instruments + interactive music making


Spring 2019 Rates  

$250- Single hour edu-concert for up to 25 students (lasting up to one hour).


$225 - Each additional single hour edu-concert during that school day.   


$7.50 cost per student - In school field trip rate for one hour assemblies and group performances larger than 150 students. An unforgettable learning experience, featuring over 20 rare, indigenous and organic instruments from six continents, demonstrated interactively.  



$750- One hour evening family and community edu-concert featuring over a dozen rare, indigenous and organic instruments from six continents, with interactive demonstrations.    



$1500 - full day immersion - four small group + one evening family and community edu-concert 


*A reasonable travel fee is added for travel outside of Charleston, South Carolina. 


Spring 2019 Pricing - Team Building & Events 


$375 - A single hour, fully facilitated team building experience for twelve participants, including professional grade "djembe" style drums and all instruction. Cost for additional participants is $25 each.  


*A reasonable travel fee is added for travel outside of Charleston, South Carolina. 



Performance & Speaking Fee for Events 


$750 per hour, includes rare instrument demonstrations, interactive music making, drumming and custom tailored inspiring, insightful and relevant themes. 


*A reasonable travel fee is added for travel outside of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Contact us today for special pricing and seasonal discounts for all programs, performances, events, community programs and teacher workshops!  

We do unforgettable team building immersions - one hour, half day and full day options!  Contact for details


(843) 718-5455     

Rhythm Moves and Daniel Scruggs bring the world to your learning community through immersion experiences that foster a lifelong love of learning, curiosity and wonder.  Each class, workshop, residency and edu-concert is an opportunity for students and communities to learn new things about themselves, others and the world around them.  These extraordinary learning adventures feature: 


-Mobile Instrument Museum - Interactive and engaging musical instrument demonstrations from a collection of over one hundred rare, organic and indigenous instruments sourced from six continents! 

-Interactive rhythm making - using body rhythm, voice and various sound tools

-Age appropriate and relevant explorations in linguistics, geography, culture, crafting, musical traditions, history and much more

-Opportunities to play a professional grade, djembe style drum and introductory rhythms from different traditional cultures from around the world

-Introductions to mindfulness, breathing and conscious movement 

-A revolving collection of natural wonders, relics and sacred artifacts sourced from throughout the world

-Stories, insights and lessons shared from Daniel Scruggs’ travels and over twenty five years performing, studying and teaching music and cultural arts.  Travels including: throughout the United States and over twenty countries, including substantial time in North and South America, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Asia, Mid-East and Africa


Learning Experiences for every community:  

-Small groups (up to 25 students) 

-Large group assemblies (25 to hundreds) *contact for details and special pricing 

-Full and multiple day artist in residency 

-Enrichment workshops, team building and rejuvenation experiences for teachers and administrators *contact for details and special pricing 

-Parent/family/community and child interactive music making edu-concerts in the evening.  

-“Drum Together” an immersion in rhythms of the world, fully facilitated on professional “djembe” style drums, for up to fifty participants *contact for details and special pricing 


Additional Options:

-Introduction to the music, movements, instruments, history and culture of Afro-Brazilian Capoeira and building. 

-Decorating and playing the didgeridoo based on and honoring the traditions of Aboriginal Australia.  

-Emphasis can be placed on collaborating with current curriculum/geographical/cultural and continent focus to create an immersion into a specific continent, or a whole trip around the world with interactive rhythm, story, geography, language.  (All continents except Antarctica) 

-Introduction to mindfulness, conscious breathing, balance and coordinated movement exercise.    

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