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Deepening A Yoga Practice With Musical Instruments & Mindful Rhythm Making

An inclusive 90 minute experience with rhythm, created for beginners and those new to drumming. Based on the belief that anyone can play drums, create rhythm and have fun doing it.


-Incorporate drums and rhythm into your practice

-Find your own rhythm

-Become more comfortable to play in drum circles and expand creativity, deepen insight, foster self-expression.

-Open up in a supportive and welcoming environment -Learn rhythms from around the world.















Rudiments and Reggae Music

A Workshop For Advanced Drummers

This two hour workshop will offer new ways to look at rhythm, technique and practice.                       Topics include:

-Expanding your rhythmic fluency with rudiments

-Applying rudiments to drum set

-How to play Reggae Music and it’s distinct rhythms on drum set :



*One Drop













Playing The Didgeridoo and Circular Breathing     (From Beginner to Advanced)

Daniel brings over two decades of experience playing the didgeridoo and Yadaki, sacred Aboriginal instrument. The content of this two hour workshop and building class ranges from making the first sounds to developing variations in tones, vibrational effects and circular breathing. All workshops have the option of adding a crafting component, where participants are guided in how to build and decorate their own didgeridoo out of PVC or Bamboo and custom bees wax mouth piece (Bamboo option is based on harvest season and availability).





















2019 Drumming and Rhythm Offerings for University and College-Aged Students



Drum as One - 75 Minutes (or flexible based on your needs)

An interactive journey in rhythm that celebrates the richness and uniqueness of different cultures throughout our world.  Participants are provided professional quality “djembe” drums and introduced to different traditional rhythms from various ancient and contemporary traditions of the world.  This fully facilitated drumming experience includes components of team building, mindfulness, group empowerment and self expression. The Drum As One activity is inclusive for all populations and appropriate for individuals with no prior musical experience.  


Concepts: Rhythms of the world, patterns, reciprocity, dynamics, movement, listening, building


Relative Subjects:  Geography, History, Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, Religious Studies, African Studies, African Diaspora, Multi-Cultural Studies, Education, Diversity, Holistic Health, Indigenous Culture, Mental Health


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