Note from Julia, an attendee of a Rhythm Moves educational experience.

"We thoroughly enjoyed having you at St. Andrews.  Your mannerisms with children are a model for all teachers and your ability to adapt to various age groups is amazing."

Karen Mangham 

Director, Lead Teacher Lower Elementary

St. Andrews Montessori, Georgia 

41 years' experience

"Daniel Scruggs is an amazing educator, presenter and performer – his teaching approach that connects with all ages is phenomenal! Our students thoroughly enjoyed their individual class time with Daniel and his musical instruments. Daniel continued that same evening to amaze and entertain our students and their families during our Annual International Night celebration."

Sharon Kane

Administrative Director

Montessori Children’s School

Jacksonville, NC 


"Daniel and Rhythm Moves has been a huge blessing to our Respite Care Charleston participants. Respite Care Charleston is a non profit day program for individuals with dementia. As a program coordinator it is very challenging to find activities that all of our participants will enjoy. Daniel is able to capture everyone’s attention through his love of music. We not only get to make music as a group but he also takes us on an educational journey with his knowledge of unique instruments from around the world. What an amazing experience to spend an hour connecting through music with an amazing musician. Thank you, Daniel, for bringing joy and smiles to the participants at Respite Care Charleston!"

Mackenzie Nutt

Program Coordinator

Respite Care Charleston


In January 2018, Daniel Scruggs of Rhythm Moves was invited to share his Sacred Sound Journey at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA as part of our Wisdom Workshop series. Daniel’s presentation was energetic, entertaining, and educational. With clarity he offered thought provoking insights into the histories and origins of many beautifully unique indigenous instruments. While instructional in nature, his performances demonstrated both his mastery of skill and passion for music and sound.  Daniel also took great consideration in ensuring all questions were answered and encouraged participation in rhythmic exercises as a community. The experience ended with a fully immersive sound bath that inspired everyone in attendance to higher states. Our feedback was wonderfully positive with many participants looking forward to Daniel’s return. During the month leading up the presentation, he was easy to work with and his demeanor friendly and professional. Without reservation, I highly recommend Daniel Scruggs and Sacred Sound Journey.

Krista Zinner

Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment

Wisdom Workshops 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Daniel’s contribution to our Intergenerational Service was the perfect compliment to our theme of wholeness. Daniel interspersed a variety of short performances on didgeridoo, djembe, crystal bowls, gong, pandeiro and hand pan between our standard service elements. Each of his thoughtful presentations honored the worshipful aspect of the morning and ranged from a call to worship, meditations, and call and responses. His talks on the cultural context layered rich insight onto the participatory bits that allowed people of all ages to join in.   All in all it was a fun morning that brought congregants of all ages together to learn, play and commune together.  

Susan Connant 

Music Director 

Unitarian Church of Charleston 

“Daniel kept our children totally captivated!  We loved the variety of

unique instruments that he introduced, the stories behind them, and

the creative and developmentally appropriate ways in which introduced

everything.  He talked about each instrument, he played them, and then

involved the students in creating a rhythm or dance as he played.

Students were engaged the entire time and curious to learn more!”

Phyllis Gates, Master Teacher,

Early Childhood Development Center, College of Charleston, 3-year-old class

“Daniel was very patient.  Especially with an audience of younger

children, many of which had special needs.  He was able to accommodate

all ages and abilities in his presentation and demonstrated an

intimate understanding of the children and maintain their interest.

Daniel was able to keep the flow going and redirect student behaviors

in age appropriate ways.  He has a natural way with children and we

look forward to his return!”

Stephanie Johnston, Master Teacher,

Early Childhood Development Center, College of Charleston, 2-year-old class


The 2018  bereavement camp for ages 7-17 , Camp Cocoon Low Country, was blessed again this year on January 20 to have Daniel share his amazing talent and gift for music, cultures and education to facilitate one’s expression of feelings and thoughts with instruments!

Both campers of all ages 7 -17  and the  adult volunteers were equally excited and thrilled from their time with the drums and other instruments Daniel used for their interaction. Adults shared 

“this was such a huge learning experience ….”

“Daniel has shared his talent with Camp Cocoon Low Country several years and it seems to get better each year…” Campers left eager to return another year and eager to get a drum for themselves.

Janice Meyer, Chaplain and Bereavement


Director, Camp Cocoon Low Country 

“Daniel was a dynamic and energetic presenter. His passion and
enthusiasm for music, culture, and children was evident during his
visit. He was kind, patient, and nurturing with our students. Daniel
had the challenge of engaging over 100 students during six different performances throughout the day. Throughout it all, his love for music and passion for developing a sense of unity shined through!”

Katie Houser, Director 

College of Charleston 

N.E. Miles Early Childhood Development Center