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"Dear Mr. Daniel
you are the nicest guy.  some day I want to be like you.  U really inspired me.  when I grow up I want to travel the world.  Where where you born?  Where are you going next?  Were you in Africa yesterday?  you are so passionate about yourself.  I am glad that a you choosed to come and show these beautiful instruments.  you really taught us a lesson.  It will always be an inspiration to me."

Note from Julia, an attendee of a PCM educational experience.

“Daniel kept our children totally captivated! 

We loved the variety of unique instruments that he introduced, the stories behind them, and the creative and developmentally appropriate ways in which introduced everything... Students were engaged the entire time and curious to learn more!”

Phyllis Gates

Master Teacher

Early Childhood Development Center

College of Charleston, 3-year-old class

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